Interstate Grain Service

       Center Point, Iowa


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Storage Policy

*Corn Storage: .16 cents for the 1st 120 days then .00133 for    each day after 

*Soybean storage: 18 cents per bushel for first 120

  days or part thereof and .0015 cents per bushel


*Oats storage: 16 cents per bushel first

 120 days or part thereofthen .00133 per bushel

Grain bank: First 30 days are free. .00133 cents per

  bushel thereafter figured on a daily basis.

  Grain must be taken out in processed form

  or there is a 5 cent per bushel receiving charge

  and a 5 cent out charge.

Moisture Docks:

Moisture dock on beans is 1.5% of the selling price for each 1/2 point over 13.0

Moisture dock on corn is 1% of the selling price for each 1/2 point over 15.0

Moisture requirements:

All stored corn dried to 13.5%.

Drying rates:  5 cent per point of moisture to 28%.  

Shrink: 1.40% per point of moisture removed.

Delivery of grain will be applied to contracts

unless otherwise specified. Open grain will be priced

at the close of each day. Grain delivered

after Fridays close will be priced on Fridays

close providing no protection is taken before

9:30 AM the following Monday. 

Credit policy 

Credit is available to established CASH

 customers as a convience.

 All charge accounts must be approved

by the manager and all charge tickets shall

be signed. Statements are mailed within

the first 4 working days of each month.

Accounts are due the tenth of the month

following purchase and overdue the last

day of the month. If account is not paid by

tenth of month, future purchases are cash

and a charge of 1.6% (Annual rate of 19.6%)

will be added to next statement. Return checks

are charged $20.We now accept credit or

debit cards. Stove corn is cash.

If payment or contact arrangement isn't made

within 60 days, the account

may be taken to small claims court or turned

over to a collection agent.


Our business is mainly buying and selling grain. We also crack or grind feed in small or large amounts for our customers.

We sell crack corn and whole corn and oats in 50# paper bags. We sell bulk oats and corn at the daily market price.

Non feed items include hay, straw, assorted bird seeds, seed beans, seed corn, seed oats,  lawn grass seeds, forage mixes, Wood shavings, Wood pellets, softner salt, hitch pins and gloves. We don't stock but can supply livestock feeders, mineral feeders, water tanks and assorted farm equipment and parts for them. We take orders in season for chicks, ducks, turkeys and other fowl.

Mill Rates per 100#: Grinding & Cracking 30 cents, Mixing with grind or crack 25 cents, Mixing only 23 cents. Sacking per sack 15 cents. Minimum mill for bags to 1000# $25, between 1000 & 2000# $40. Bulk $15. Minimum amount is 500#. Delivery: pick up is $25, bulk trucks are $50.

We charge $5 on our state approved scale for non customers. We do not charge customers for this service.